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Chromebook Care and Procedures

General Use

1. Use caution when eating or drinking around the Chromebook.
2. Cords, cables, and removable storage devices must be inserted carefully into the Chromebook.
3. Keep the Chromebook in the TISD case at all times.
4. Close the screen before carrying the Chromebook.
5. Do not place anything on top of or inside the Chromebook.
6. Students may store their Chromebooks in locked lockers during the day. Lockers are issued to every incoming ninth grader.
    Students in grades 10-12 will be issued a locker upon request.
7. Charge the Chromebook every night.
8. Chromebooks should never be left unsupervised.
9. Do not expose the Chromebook to extreme temperature or direct sunlight for extended periods.
10. Chromebook case personalization must adhere to the Student Code of Conduct.

School Use

1. Chromebooks are intended for use at school each day. Students are responsible for bringing their Chromebooks to all classes, unless
    specifically asked not to do so.
2. If students leave their Chromebooks at home, they are responsible for completing all coursework as if they had their Chromebooks.
3. If a student consistently does not bring his/her Chromebook to class, parents will be contacted.

Expected Use and Consequences

1. Students will have a wide range of digital resources, including textbooks and library books, available on their Chromebooks.
2. Consequences for not bringing Chromebooks to class:
  • 1st referral- Warning by assistant principal
  • 2nd referral- Warning by assistant principal and parent contact
  • 3rd referral- Warning by assistant principal and parent contact
  • 4th referral and more- 1 day of ISS
Repair Process 

1. Student will need to bring damaged/malfunctioning Chromebook to the THS TechSpot (Room 102) for evaluation.
2. Student may be issued a temporary replacement.
3. The student's Chromebook will be returned when it is functioning properly.

Lost or Stolen Chromebooks

  • If there is a loss or theft, the student must report this to the THS TechSpot (Room 102) immediately, so we may begin to track the device.
  • A theft report is required by the coverage plan for replacement of the Chromebook; however, the loss of a Chromebook is not covered in the coverage plan.