All your work is done in a browser - Chrome.  On a Chromebook, once you are logged in, you automatically save to your Google account. On your school Chromebook, you are saving to your "gcloud" account that is managed by TISD.

Downloads are saved on the Chromebook.  If you download a file, such as a picture or PDF from the web, it will save in your Files section of your Chromebook. You can find your files by going to the Apps Launcher (bottom left corner) and searching for Files. If you want to access your downloads from anywhere, move the files to your Google Drive.

Chromebooks start up fast and last all day long.  Chromebooks start up quickly and resume instantly from sleep (7 - 10 seconds). You can extend your battery life by closing the lid on your Chromebook when you aren't using it.

Chromebooks are always be up-to-date.  Each time you turn your Chromebook on, it automatically updates itself with the latest features, hardware and system updates, and anti-virus software.